Mind-Mapping to Find an Idea

What is a Mind-Map?

Mind-mapping is a way to brainstorm – you think of words related to the problem you want to solve, or an idea you want to expand on, and you branch off of that word with words relating to it.

You can choose to approach mind-mapping from a stream of consciousness – not hindering the flow of words that you think of; or you can choose words carefully, making sure to organize and group words together.

The words resulting from mind-mapping can then be reviewed to see what words lead to new ideas. Maybe some of the words need to be the focus and a new mind-map created.

To make a mind-map, use a large sheet of drawing paper in landscape and start at the center with the focus word. From the focus word draw branch lines out to other words. The other words – subtopics, are related to the focus words.

Sometimes as you are mapping an idea may come to mind – take down the note on a separate sheet of paper quickly – don’t spend a lot of time on it – it’s more important to continue the mind-map.

Using a Mind-Map to Create My Own Joseph Cornell Box

So I wanted to use mind-mapping to crate my own Joseph Cornell box. The possibilities of what to create are endless – a steam of consciousness mind-map will let the ideas flow and maybe another to organize the words I choose to help arrange the objects?

When I think of the way Joseph Cornell assembles his boxes, I think of the theater – it was one of Joseph Cornell’s passions to attend theater and he used it in some of his boxes. In the theater are characters (objects, animals, or people), the stage (sometimes with different acting levels), scenery (other objects not the focus but as complements),  and a backdrop (background) all used to create a mood or central theme.

So I thought for my box I would use a juxtapose of a forest theme and an office environment. I created two mind-maps, one for a forest and one for an office. Since it is a free-flow kind of thing – other ideas came out that might influence the mood.




Animated eCard

Happy Birthday Maverick!

For this assignment we were to use Photoshop to create an animated eCard. So I decided to incorporate my friend’s, whose nickname is Maverick, birthday which is on Halloween. I used Uncial Antiqua Regular (for the lowercase) and Kingthings Petrock Regular (for the capitals).

Jack-o'-lanterns facing each other
And William Warby’s Jack O’Lanterns 2010 from Flickr Creative Commons extracted from the black background and adjusted the lighting.

Fall leaves
I used Micky’s Fall Sampler 2006 from Flickr Creative Commons for the background. I used a gradient overlay with a soft light.
wooden table
Purchased Dreamstime’s wooden table Copyright Maglara | Dreamstime.com

birthday candles
I used one of the candles from this Google labeled for reuse.
candy corn cupcake
Extracted Kristin Ausk’s candy corn cupcake 2008 Commons Wikimedia from the background.