Animated eCard

Happy Birthday Maverick!

For this assignment we were to use Photoshop to create an animated eCard. So I decided to incorporate my friend’s, whose nickname is Maverick, birthday which is on Halloween. I used Uncial Antiqua Regular (for the lowercase) and Kingthings Petrock Regular (for the capitals).

Jack-o'-lanterns facing each other
And William Warby’s Jack O’Lanterns 2010 from Flickr Creative Commons extracted from the black background and adjusted the lighting.

Fall leaves
I used Micky’s Fall Sampler 2006 from Flickr Creative Commons for the background. I used a gradient overlay with a soft light.
wooden table
Purchased Dreamstime’s wooden table Copyright Maglara |

birthday candles
I used one of the candles from this Google labeled for reuse.
candy corn cupcake
Extracted Kristin Ausk’s candy corn cupcake 2008 Commons Wikimedia from the background.